With the high street kicking back into life following the coronavirus pandemic, we look at five ways that you can ensure your local shops continue to thirve

First of all, we'd like to say a big welcome back to all of our neighbours in Holmfirth. It has been a lonely few months, and it's great to be on the path back to a full scale reopening.


Despite the return of many local shops though, shopping is going to look a little different for the forseeable future, which may drive more people to buy online as they look to forego the queues and the sanitising stations. With this in mind, it is an absolutely crucial time for independent businesses, and we are relying on your support more than ever.


In spite of the obvious issues and difficulties that small businesses could be facing in the current climate, there are also positives to take, as shopping locally has become a necessity rather than an option to many people, as they look to cut down on travelling time and contact with others. Working from home has also given opportunities for those who would usually be further afield during opening hours, to sample what is available on their doorstep.


So, if you are just trying out your local shops for the first time, or if you are a seasoned small business frequenter, here are five ways that you can help out.


1. Like, Share Or Comment On Social Media Posts -  With money tight, marketing costs are usually the last thing any small business has funds for, meaning a crucial cog in growing the business is lost. Social media provides a fantastic free alternative to traditional marketing, and allows small businesses to reach new audiences free of charge.


2. Tell Your Friends About Them - Without the backing of slick marketing campaigns, it isn't uncommon for people to have no idea about which shops are in their local area. If you have a positive experience in a small shop, be sure to tell your friends who could be missing out on their new favourite shop!


3. Give Them Moral Support - It makes a massive difference to know that the people who you are working hard to please appreciate the work you are doing. Everybody likes to hear they are doing a good job, so if you had a good experience, let them know!


4. Don't Ask For Free Stuff Or Mates Rates - As the line between retaining a customer and losing them to bigger/online shops grows ever thinner, small businesses are working overtime to make sure that they keep their customers happy. One thing that is near impossible to compete with however, is lower and lower prices. Shops know that you could potentially get things cheaper elsewhere, and it can make things awkward for owners and staff if this is pointed out, as they will feel obliged to appease you, instead of running the risk of losing a valued customer. With margins small anyway, this really could be the difference between shops thriving, and struggling to make ends meet. It may just be a small thing to you, but to a small business, it can have a lasting impact.


 5. When you can buy from them, do! - Every purchase, and every customer helps, so before you pull the trigger on an online purchase, ask yourself whether you could maybe get this locally instead. It will save waiting time and delivery costs, whilst also providing you with a smaller carbon footprint - everybody wins!


For more information about how you can help your local high street thrive, check out justacard.org, and let's together make sure that Holmfirth returns to being the busy and bustling place it was before lockdown!


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