How to plant trees from you very own living room

have you heard of ecosia?

Did you know that you can plant hundreds of trees from the comfort of you own home? is an internet search engine that uses advertising money generated by your internet searches to plant trees around the world.
From restoring coastal forests and natural corridors in Madagascar, to protecting the homes of Orangutan's in Indonesia, they are working hard to combat deforestation and restore the planet with the trees we need to survive and thrive.
Since their inception in 2009, they have planted over 100 million trees, winning several awards along the way and contributing to dozens of important global projects.
They also became a certified B Corporation in 2014. This means that they are "legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community and the environment".
If you needed any more persuasion to switch your search engine, they don't sell data to advertisers, don't use third party trackers and don't permanently keep your search histories, like most other search engines do.
They also publish their monthly financial reports alongside tree planting receipts, so you can make sure they are following through on their promises, doing what they say they are.
Ecosia aren't the only ones operating in this field, and recently alternatives like OceanHero, You Care and Lilo have gained prominence in contributing to environmental and human causes through internet searches.
So why not download any one of these brilliant apps right now, and start planting trees, pulling plastic from the ocean, and donating meals to animals in shelters, all from your front room!

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