Our Story

A small shop with a big vision

Welcome to the Your Nuts website! We are Alex and Lizzie, owners of the Your Nuts shop nestled in the scenic town of Holmfirth. That's right - it's a small operation run by just the two of us! Unlike many other mass websites online, you can be rest assured that we are a strong independent store and our money is put into our children and local economy - no offshore accounts here!

When we took over the Your Nuts store in autumn 2023, we had the vision of creating a store that encapsulates 'mindful living'. What is a 'mindful living' store I hear you ask? Well, let's take 'living' first. At Your Nuts, we hope to offer everything you would need to 'live', whether it be toiletries to wholefoods, washing to herbal supplements - we have it all! We hope that we can provide a genuine alternative to your weekly shop and be a one-stop destination for all your needs.

Next, and perhaps most importantly, we move onto 'mindful'. We believe that we offer a mindful shopping experience on many levels. Firstly, we only stock brands that we have carefully vetted to ensure that the product is of the highest standard, whether that be for you or the impact that it has on the planet. Testament to this is the amount of B-Corp certified companies with stock. When purchasing from our refill section, you know you are making a more sustainable choice in terms of packaging and buying a product that is sourced and produced ethically.

So there it is - our 'mindful living' store. 2024 promises to be a very exciting year in terms of our little business - we cannot thank you enough for taking an interest in our story and have peace of mind that your custom will never be taken for granted.

Alex and Lizzie